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[Fix] Unfortunately the Has Stopped

Unfortunately the Has Stopped
Written by Rony Shaji

It is true that Android is the most popular mobile operating system along with iOS. Android runs very smoothly on our phones and new versions are coming with bug fixes and other improvements. Some of you may encounter the “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” which is actually a bug on your Android mobile phones. 

You can’t eliminate the problem as it is a bug but you can try these solutions to resolve it. When you try to access any apps like phone apps, the error comes and you will get frustrated. Sometimes the sim toolkit application can also cause the problem. If you encounter the problem for the first time, there is nothing to worry about as we have some solutions to try to resolve it.

The “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” error will come when you make changes to your mobile phone such as:

  • Installed new ROM
  • Made major modifications to data
  • Recently restored data
  • Firmware update failed
  • Upgraded to the latest version of Android software

So we have got the main cause of this error. You can try the mentioned solutions to get rid of this error. You can try all the solutions mentioned to get rid of the bug.

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  • How to Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped

    You can try any methods to avoid the “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” error in your Android mobile phone. These are the common methods, we use in your Android mobile phones when you get into any trouble.

    Method 1: Clear App Data

    You can clear the data app data to resolve the error. This method involves clearing the data as well as the cache of your phone app and sim toolkit. You can follow the steps to clear the app data.

    1. Go to Settings >> Apps

    Unfortunately the Has Stopped

    2. You can see all the apps installed on your Android phone.

    3. Select Sim Toolkit app from the available apps.

    Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped

    4.Then choose Storage from the App info of Sim Toolkit.

    Unfortunately the Has Stopped Xiaomi

    5.Go for Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    Unfortunately the Has Stopped htc

    6. Do the same for your Phone app.

    In a majority of the cases, the Unfortunately the Has Stopped error will be resolved. If this method doesn’t solve you can try the next method. 

    Method 2: Wipe out Cache

    Wiping out Cache will help you to resolve the error. The cache may sometimes cause problems as well as consumes the memory. It is wise to clear the cache memory, which we don’t need. I will tell the method to wipe out the cache from your Android mobile phone.

    1. You need to boot into Recovery mode to perform the Wipeout cache.

    2. Turn Off your device and then hold Home button + Volume up button + Power On/Off

    3. Release the Power On/Off when your phone vibrates once but keep pressing the other two keys.

    4. Use the volume button to select the “Wipe Cache Partition” and confirm.

    The method to get the Wipe Cache Partition will be different for different Android phones. It is the general method and you can comment on the post if this method didn’t work for you. By wiping out the cache you can solve the Unfortunately the Has Stopped bug in the Android.

    Method 3: Factory Data Reset

    Factory reset of your Android mobile can be useful to avoid the bug. But remember you loose all your data and apps on your mobile phone while doing the factory reset. The majority of the times the problem caused by “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” will be resolved by this method. A majority of the people know about the portion of the Factory reset, yet I will tell you the method to reset your mobile phone.

    1. Go to Settings >> Backup & Reset

    2. Select Factory Data Reset

    3. Choose Reset Device

    You must take backup of your data and app before the factory reset as it wipes out all your phone memory. You can use any of the backup software available to backup to your computer before doing the Factory Data Reset.

    Fix has stopped unexpectedly

    The solution to the has stopped unexpectedly can be solved in a similar way. You can try any of the above methods to solve the problem. From the method, you can first try the clear app data and then the wipe cache option. has stopped unexpectedly error may come to your Android phone when you install any new updates to your device. Basically, you can try any of the above options to solve the error. If you are facing any issue, please comment and I will help you.

    Fix: unfortunately the process has stopped xiaomi

    The error, unfortunately, the process has stopped in xiaomi can be easily solved using the same method. You can use the above methods to troubleshoot the problem. Generally, xiaomi users got this type of error frequently on their device and you can use these methods to solve the error.

    Fix: Unfortunately the process has stopped HTC

    HTC users also getting the same error in their mobile phones, while installing updates and updating the data. For all Android devices, you can use the below methods in their order.

    • Clear App Data and Cache
    • Wipe Cache
    • Factory Data Reset

    You can now solve the Unfortunately the Has Stopped problem using the methods. If you still encounter the same problem, you can comment to get expert answers. Generally these are the common methods to solve the error. You can share any other working methods, so that I can update the post.

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