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SMS Bomber – Send Unlimited SMS to Prank Your Friends

SMS Bomber - Send Unlimited SMS to Prank Your Friends
Written by Rony Shaji

SMS Bomber is the most awesome tool to prank your friends. Sometimes we need to prank our friends and SMS Bomber is one of the best methods. Personally, I did that before to one of my friend on his birthday. Many SMS Bomber scripts are available which helps to send unlimited SMS to prank your friends. 

Customized SMS messages can be sent using the Online SMS Bomber websites, which will land your friends in trouble. I used the same Google password recovery message to prank my friend, who thought someone hacked his email id. Truly it was frustrating to receive such messages as we can send many messages to the victim within a small time gap.

In the modern era, many of us are not using any SMS services as we go for any instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, Hike etc. Still, in an emergency situation, we can make use of the SMS feature. SMS Bomber can help you to send unlimited SMS to prank your friends. Let’s check out what SMS Bomber is and how it works.

What is SMS Bomber?

Text Bombing aka SMS Bomber is a script which is used to send a number of SMS messages to someone within a small time gap. As the name implies, we are bombing the inbox of someone with SMS messages. It can be used by many people to prank your friends. It has advantages as well as disadvantages just like all things. SMS Bombing can also be called as Text Bombing.

You can send many messages using SMS Bomber online, but the receiver can easily block the message source so that no message will deliver to him/her in future. There are numerous websites and even apps available to bomb with SMS messages online. You can even make your own SMS bomber as the script is available to download on the internet.

SMS Bomber – Send Unlimited SMS To Prank Your Friends

So, you may have a small idea about the SMS Bomber. Many SMS Bomber websites are available to send SMS. Even if the receiver blocks one server, you can get the help of others. Personally, I tried many SMS Bomber websites and only some of them work for me. It’s better to list the advantages as well as disadvantages before proceeding further as it helps to decide whether you need to use it or not to prank your friends.

Uses of SMS Bomber

  • can use to prank your friends
  • Send unlimited SMS with small time gap
  • Time pass

Many of you know, it has only one main use, which is to prank your friends and relatives. But please don’t try on any strangers as it sometimes causes problems. Try this on your friends whom you know well so it can be taken in a friendly manner. Also, try to check out other posts on my blog.

How To Use Online SMS Bomber?

As I said earlier, there are numerous websites available on the internet, which you can use to prank your friends. But many of them are a waste and doesn’t work. From my experience, I will share one of the working SMS Bomber websites, which helps to send messages to others. This website is not owned by me and I am justing sharing this for educational purpose only. 

For using the SMS Bomber service, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the SMS Bomber Web site – or
  • Enter your friend’s number and count of messages
  • Rest the script will take care 

SMS Bomber

Features of SMS Bomber

  • Safe to use
  • No Registration Required
  • No limit for sending SMS

I used these two websites, which worked for me. You can use any other websites available as many are flooding day by day. Before trying the SMS Bomber on your friend, you can try on your own number to get an idea of how it works and what type of messages your friend receives.

Your friends will start receiving random messages, mostly in the form of OTP messages. But if he understands the prank, he can easily block the message source and that’s the end of the prank. But you can try different SMS Bomber websites available on the internet, which works in the same way as the above one.

Again I am saying that it is better to use on your close friends. The above websites are not owned by me or don’t have any connection with the owner. I am not responsible if anything goes wrong and you can skip if you don’t need.

How To Protect Your Inbox From SMS Bombing

Sometimes you may be the victim of SMS Bombing and I will mention some of the best ways to protect your inbox from SMS Flooding. It is the same way as you block any number on your phone. I am writing by taking Android phones as the source as many people use it nowadays. No offense to iPhone users 🙂

  • Open your Messages inbox
  • Long tap on the SMS Bombing messages
  • Tap on Block and you are done. 

This is the simple way to protect from SMS Bombing. DND also works for some servers. If the sender uses different servers, then you have to block everyone individually to escape from SMS bombing. If you receive any OTP messages in your inbox, don’t be panic as it may be an SMS Bombing message to prank you. As you know numerous websites are available for SMS Bombing and it is difficult to block every one of them.

Conclusion: Text Bombing

The Text Bombing or SMS Bombing can be used to prank your friends. But use it with care because sometimes the server records the mobile number and you know what happens next. Your mobile number will be sold to someone and the inbox will be flooded by many marketing messages. Hope you enjoy reading the post about SMS Bombing. If you need any clarifications regarding anything in our blog, just comment and I will reply to your queries.

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