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How To Save WhatsApp Images and Video Status?

Download whatsapp images video
Written by Rony Shaji

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging service available on the online world. Everyone use Whatsapp to communicate with others and here I am coming with a new tutorial about “Save WhatsApp Images and Video Status” which will be useful for some of you.

In the past month, Whatsapp introduced the status feature although Instagram was using it from earlier days. In the first update many people complaint against the new status feature of Whatsapp as it changed the old text status feature. Many people including me like the text status feature of the Whatsapp as it is an easy way to communicate what we feel to others.

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Recently Whatsapp comes back with both the text status as well as the images and video status, which will be an exciting one. We can share our views and temporary images and videos in Whatsapp images status as it is temporary and will go eventually. Sometimes we need to Save WhatsApp Images and Video Status fro our friends and this tutorial may help you.

This tutorial will give you the best method to download the Whatsapp video and status within seconds. I will mention two popular methods which are used to save the images and videos easily.

  • Using ES File Explorer App
  • Using Story Saver App

Personally, I am using the ES File Explorer App as it has multiple uses and may be available in your mobile phones already. Just follow the simple steps and save your friend’s stories.

How To Save Whatsapp Images Status?

To Save Whatsapp Images Status you need to install an app on your mobile phones. You can save the images and videos within seconds without much difficulty. Here I am mentioning the best methods, which you can use to save the images and videos. Just follow the steps and start saving your best buddies stories. You can also refer the method to your friends as well as others to save your stories.

Save Whatsapp Images and Video Status Using ES File Explorer App

This method is the most popular and used by many people, including me. It is very easy using this method and you just need to install the ES File Explorer app on your mobile phones and rest is done by the app. 

Just go through the steps mentioned and you can save the images and videos within seconds. 

STEP 1: Download and Install ES File Explorer app on your mobile phone.

Save WhatsApp Video Status

STEP 2: Open the app and check “show hidden files” option on the app as it is needed to save the images and videos. (It is available on the main menu, which will pop up when you touch on top left lines on home)

Save WhatsApp Images Status

STEP 3: After showing the hidden file, you need to “Internal Storage” (I am using new version)

Download WhatsApp Images and Video Status

STEP 4: Then go to Whatsapp >> Media >> .statuses

Save WhatsApp Images and Video Status

STEP 5: Copy the images and videos from the folder and paste it into any other folder available in the internal storage. Now you can see the images and videos on Gallery.

You got it. Remember you must enable the show hidden files option in the app else you can’t able to locate the folder. This is the easy method as compared to other methods and you must try it.

Save Whatsapp Images and Video Status Using Story Saver App

In this method, you need to install the story saver app, which is available in the play store. Personally, i prefer the first method as it is easy and also no need to install this app in your mobile as it has got no other uses. But ES File Explorer has many other uses for us. Follow the steps and save your photos and videos.

STEP 1: Install Story Saver App in your mobile.

STEP 2: Open the app and at the bottom of the display tap on “New” which will show all the recent stories.

STEP 3: Save the stories available from the list using the download option on top of the app.

This method is also very simple but I tried only the first method as it is easy for me. You can make use of both the methods and you must comment whether it works or not. I will add other methods in the coming days and you must share these cool methods with your friends and buddies.

How To Save Whatsapp Video Status?

To Save Whatsapp Video Status, you must follow the same steps as mentioned above. Nothing to change and you can save the videos same way as images. Anyway, I will explain the steps once more for you and it is same as that of the above method.

The usual methods to save WhatsApp video status are as follows:-

  • Using ES File Explorer App
  • Using Story Saver App

Already I explained the methods in detail in the above section and you must try this method. There are many other apps also, which you can use to save the images and videos, which I will add soon. 

As usual, I am going to end another post on my blog. Hope you have got the idea to Save WhatsApp Images and Video Status of your buddies. I need your support to continue the blog and you can share these wonderful tricks with your friends. Now you can save nay images and video status of your friends in Whatsapp. Thanks to the app creators for fulfilling our needs and thanks for reading the post. I will back with another cool tutorial for everyone. 🙂

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