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MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions
Written by Rony Shaji

MRF Tyres, aka Madras Rubber Factory, is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India and offers jobs in various disciplines. MRF holds the first position of tyre manufacturing in India. The products ranging from radial as well as bias tyre for bikes, cars, trucks, buses and even helicopters. Here I am posting MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions for you. This is for educational purpose only and actual interview may be different.

MRF Tyres recruits via campus placement and direct placement also available. You are here for MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions and I hope to give some ideas based on my experience. MRF tyres recruit candidates for Production, Engineering, Quality, and Technical. There may be different qualifications required for different positions, this post focuses mainly on production and engineering background.

MRF Interview Questions

From my personal experience, I had three rounds of interview. Some people may have additional rounds of interview to get the final result. In the interview technical knowledge, as well as HR qualities, are tested. The first phase of the interview have:-

1) Online Technical Exam
2) Common Aptitude
3) Personal Questionnaire
4) Group Discussion
5) Task Scheduling

I will go through each of these phases in short to get an idea about the whole proceSS. You will have a different type of interview, this experience is purely from my personal experience and my colleagues.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Online Technical Exam

The objective type consists of around 30 questions, for which the allotted time is 30 minutes. You will be allotted with a unique number and remember it is a computer-based test. The cut off for the exam maybe 50%, but depending on the situation it may vary. After completing the exam you may view “Congratulations you have cleared this round, click next to move on to further Round” on the screen.

Sample questions for MRF interview for the technical round are given below. Just go through the questions to get a basic idea. All the questions are objective type and generally, they ask only the basic fundamentals of your specialization.

1. What is Volumetric Efficiency?
2. Compression ratio for Petrol engine
3. Nozzle efficiency
4. Example of Temporary Fasteners
5. Enthalpy Formula
6. Which is not a Boiler mounting? (Options will be provided)
7. Statement of Zeroth law
8. Chain drives
9. What type of cycle is used in a steam engine?
10. Quick return mechanism
11. The melting point of steel?
12. EDM full form – Electric Discharge Machining
13. which law obeys perfect gas? – Boyle’s law and Charle’s law
14. Two parallel shafts are connected using Spur gears
15. Knocking tendency in SI engine depends on
16. Which thread forces motion in one direction?
17. Gear direction (Clockwise or anticlockwise)
18. Ackermann steering is the inversion of which mechanism?
19. Which reduces the efficiency of the boiler to a greater extent?
20. Which has to be considered the most in designing gear to transmit maximum power?
21. Full form of TIG & MIG?
22. Questions on degrees of freedom?
23. Shaft power/ work input equals
24. Locomotive boiler draught type?
25. Which of this is an accessory of boiler?
26. Iw is equal to

The questions are repetitive and you may get the same set of questions. After finishing the technical round, you will be proceed to the common aptitude questions.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Common Aptitude

In the section, you have to answer basic aptitude questions like Time-Distance questions, Time-Work questions, Basic Geometric Questions, etc. It will be simple if you know the basic fundamentals.

1) Numerical reasoning Questions
2) Time-Work problems
3) Age problems
4) Time-Distance

With this, the computer-based exam will be over and you have to move to the next phase of the interview.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Personal Questionnaire

It just tests your decision ability and it is easy as there are no right or wrong answers. Check the below samples to get an idea about the questions being asked.

1. Are you short-tempered?
2. Do you encourage teamwork
3. Are you interested in doing routine work?
4. Are you a man of ideas?
5. Do you always implement new ideas?

1. Are you short-tempered?
a. Agree
b. Highly Agree
c. Disagree
d. Highly disagree
e. Mixed views

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Group Discussion

Group discussion as you know, you have to speak out of the crowd. Generally, they will divide the candidates into groups of 9 or 10 members and give the topic. In my case, We have given a sheet with a “Sweet Problem”. It is a problem rather than a topic. Below example will help you.

On Sunday early morning Ramakrishna goes to a sweet shop and asks the shopkeeper the cost of 1 kg of sweet. The sweet shopkeeper replies ” 1 kg costs Rs. 24. Ramakrishna purchases half a kg. of sweet and gives the sweet shopkeeper Rs. 20.

The shopkeeper does not have change as it was early in the morning and he moves to a tea stall owner to get change. He gets change for Rs. 20 and gives Rs. 8 back to Ramakrishna. During day time, the tea stall owner rushes to the sweet shopkeeper and tells him that the money he has given is counterfeit and asks him to give Rs. 20 back. The shopkeeper now gives him his Rs. 20.

Find out the total loss incurred to the Sweet shopkeeper without including the cost of sweet.

There won’t a right or wrong answer. You have to just stick to a particular answer. Never deviate from your answer as the interviewer may note your decision. This is a decision-making question and you have to stick to your answer. Maintain good voice and eye contact.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Task Scheduling

In this phase of the interview, you have a situation and you have to schedule the activities based on time. Below example will help you to get an idea of the round.

You are working in this industry for more than 8 years. At 8:50 am you get a message that a worker is being injured and has to be replaced with another for operations to be processed. And also by 4:00 pm you must attend a birthday party of your colleague.
You receive a call from your mother that you must take her to the hospital at 2:00 pm and thereby get permission from your higher officials. At 9:00 am you have to attend a meeting with your senior officers regarding the statistics of Sales.

It is also found at 10.15 am that the amount of raw materials is being out of stock and as to be reported for further operations of production. The stock has to reach the industry by 11:00 am.
A person at the shop floor gets permission for half a day, he has to be replaced with another person for continuity of operation.

Make a proper time format of these operations. Assume that the time now is 9:00 am.

After completing the phase, you will be completing the first phase of the interview. MRF will inform the shortlisted candidates and they will be called for further personal interviews. The first round is basically a filtering process and each interview process starts from the second round of the interview.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Personal Interview 1

After shortlisting the candidates, they are asked to come to a personal interview where you will be interviewed by two to three interviewers. They will basically ask you from anything from your course of study. My suggestion is to cover all the basic question as well as practical questions. Some of the questions asked to me are below:

1) Why bicylce moves forward only while using paddle? – Because of freewheel mechanism
2) Explain Carnot cycle?
3) Questions related to gear ratio

Go through the basic fundamentals of your syllabus before appearing for the interview. The interview will be handled by industrial experience personals and you can expect more practical application-based questions.

MRF Campus Placement Interview Questions – Personal Interview 2

The round may be more of an HR interview as they may ask for personal questions. For some candidates, they may ask for technical questions along with HR interview questions.

1) Are you willing to work in night shift?
2) Are you ok with working in production?

These are the steps in the whole MRF Interview process. Based on the candidates, there may be more personal interviews. After successful completion of the interview, you will be notified on mail and will share the joining process.

If you need any help for the interview process, just contact me via Linkedin or drop a message using contact us option.

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