Incorrect URN Number Aadhar : How to Check Aadhar URN/SRN Status?

Incorrect URN Number Aadhar
Written by Rony Shaji

Aadhar is the most important document of Indian citizens as government comes with new rules every day to link Aadhar with various services in our social life. You may here because of the reply “Incorrect URN Number Aadhar” you got from the UIDAI website while checking the Aadhar URN status. Some of you may not know the importance of Aadhar while taking it and it’s the time to update the details on Aadhar if any error creeps on it.

From bank account to sim card, every thing needs the Aadhar details, as it is easy to trace the Indian citizens. You may know the fact that Aadhar is the personal identification of Indian citizen as the government has all the details of us like the biometric details.

It is actually a great idea to introduce the Aadhar card as it makes your life easy. Anyway, in this small tutorial, I am planning to write about “How to Check Aadhar URN Status” as many are facing the problem with checking the URN status.

Incorrect URN Number Aadhar

Many of you got the message from the UIDAI website as Incorrect URN Number Aadhar while checking the Aadhar update status and I will help you the exact method to check the URN status. If you have any error in your Aadhar card, you must update it as it will be difficult to go forward without the Aadhar card. Also, you can link your mobile number with the Aadhar card easily by checking the below post.

Before going to the method to check the Aadhar URN status, you need to how to update the Aadhar card details. I will give you a short note on the method to update the Adhar card details. You can follow the details and update your Aadhar card.

How To Update Aadhar Card Details?

It is very easy to update the Aadhar Card details as many of you needs to update it. There are two cases about updating the Aadhar card status.

  • Case 1 – If your mobile number is already linked with Aadhar
  • Case 2 – If your mobile number is not linked with Aadhar

How to Update Aadhar Card Details If your Mobile Number is Linked with Aadhar?

Everyone can easily update the Aadhar card details if your mobile number is linked with Aadhar. You will get a URN number after submitting the details and it can be used to check the status. Sometimes the message “Incorrect URN Number Aadhar” will be displayed and you can have the solution as we move forward. The To update the details, follow the below steps mentioned to update it.

STEP 1: Visit UIDAI Aadhar Self-Service Portal – Click Here

STEP 2: A page with title “Aadhar Self Service Update Portal” will open.

STEP 3: Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number.

STEP 4: Now enter the Text Verification number (already shown on page – also known as Captcha).

STEP 5: Then click on Send OTP.

STEP 6: On the next page, enter the OTP that was sent to your existing mobile number.

STEP 7: After that, a new page asking for Details to be Updated will appear.

STEP 8: Under “Select field(s) to update“, select “Mobile Number:“

STEP 9: Now enter your Mobile Number you want to Update and click Submit and Update

STEP 10: Verify and Proceed and Note down the URN you will see or take a print out.

How to Update Personal Details in Aadhar Card

The URN number you get will be helpful to check the status of your Aadhar update request.

How to Update Aadhar Card Details If your Mobile Number is not Linked with Aadhar?

It is a different scenario from the above one. You can simply update the details from your home itself if you already linked your mobile number. Yet you can update the details of Aadhar by following the steps. Remember to link your mobile number to Aadhar to easy update for the next time.

  • First, you need to visit the Aadhar Office or any other Government offices providing service (Akshaya Centre)
  • Ask them to register the mobile number with Aadhar card.
  • You must take the Aadhar card with you as they need Aadhar number to register the mobile number

Then you will get a URN will be used to check the status of your updation request.

How to Check Aadhar URN/SRN Status?

Here I will give you the detailed description to Check Aadhar URN Status along with the details. If you update the Aadhar card details by using any of the above methods, you will get a URN will be helpful to check the update status. Along with URN, you will get the date and time of your updation and it also needs to check the status. Sometimes Incorrect URN Number Aadhar message will be show and I will give you the solution in the next paragraph.

  1. First, visit the link – Aadhar Status
  2. Enter your Aadhar number in the space provided.
  3. Enter your URN number/SRN number (SRN is SERVICE REQUEST NUMBER when you update your information in Aadhaar online. To check the status of your updation, you have to use SRN.) without slashes. For example, if your URN number is 2003/36051/87305 then enter it as 20033605187305 without slashes.
  4. Type the verification number

Check URN-SRN status

Now you can check the URN status easily by following the simple steps. Sometimes a message like “Incorrect URN Number” will be displayed and if that happens you can check the next solution.

What to do if it shows Incorrect URN Number?

  1. Go to – Aadhar URN Status Check
  2. Enter your URN and time in the specified format (You can check the acknowledgment slip which you got while updating)
  3. Click on Check Status

Check Aadhar URN Status

If the message shows like “This enrollment has been rejected. Please call 1947 for more information.“, then you have to apply again to update the Aadhar card details as your update request was rejected by the Aadhar. You have to follow the above-mentioned steps again to get another URN number.

So, this is the main methods to check Aadhar URN status. Majority of the time the message Incorrect URN Number Aadhar will be displayed due to rejection of your update request. If your biometric details have any difference with respect to original, they may reject your application and you have to apply once more. Hope you got the entire methods to update the Aadhar card details as well as check Aadhar URN number status. You can help your friends and relatives by sharing the tutorial with them. Keep reading.

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