[Tutorial] How to Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?

Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card
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EDIT:“You can’t able to add/update/change mobile number online or via by post. You have to visit the Aadhar Kendra to do the same”

Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card is one of the main question asked by many people around us. You may know the importance of Aadhar now as it is becoming the official identity of every Indian citizen. Government passes new rules every day, which highlights the importance of Aadhar in our daily life.

Aadhar Card is the most important document for every citizen of India as we need Aadhar Card for every government application process. Many people are asking the question “How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card” and we are here with the most useful tutorial. The Government of India is making strict decisions day by day and we can expect much more in future. Recently the Government ordered to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card and you must have a valid Aadhar card to live in India. You can check out the ways to register mobile number in Aadhar card from our website easily.

Aadhar Card is first issued in India as an identity document for every people of India. While applying for Aadhar Card, you need to give your personal details such as Name, Address, etc and biometric details. Some people need to update the Mobile number registered with Aadhar and we can do it easily within minutes.

Aadhar Card has got many important uses. Some of the important uses of Aadhar Card are discussed below:

  • Aadhar Card is required to avail Government grants and other concessions.
  • Aadhar Card is required to get Gas concessions.
  • Aadhar Card is mandatory for opening bank accounts.
  • Aadhar Card is needed for everything.

I can list about hundreds of uses of Aadhar and in future, it may be the vital document for everyone. Even the Prime Minister of India (PMO), Narendra Modi accepted the Aadhar Card as the document of citizens. In this, i will discuss the following topics, which is useful for many people.

  • How to Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?
  • How to Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?
  • How to Update Personal Details in Aadhar Card?

Let’s go to the post and you can navigate to the heading which will make your job easy. This will be a large post as I am planning to add every detail as much as possible.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card is the identification document of every citizen of India. While registering for Aadhar Card, people must give their personal details as well as biometric details. It is very easy to identify every individual using the biometric details. Also, Government authorities are planning to introduce biometric Aadhaar payment system which will be a revolutionary step by the Government to make the digital economy.

The government is asking every individual to take Aadhar Card as it is the future and helps to make the transactions easier and simple. You can easily apply for Aadhar Card online and everyone must have an Aadhar Card. Each Aadhar Card has got a unique Aadhar Number which helps to identify the individual.

You have the basic idea about Aadhar Card as you are using it for various purposes. You can check out the various method to add mobile number easily.

Uses of Aadhar Card

I listed some of the best uses of Aadhar Card earlier and in this section, i will add many uses of Aadhar Card. Literally, you need Aadhar Card for every Government transactions and bank accounts.

  • Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy)
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Passport in 10 days
  • Digital Locker
  • Voter Card Linking
  • Monthly Pension
  • Opening new bank account

You can add many other uses in the comment box. It is now the main document of Government along with PAN card.
Before reading the long tutorial, you can watch the video which helps you to understand better. It is a very useful video which helps to update your mobile number linked with Aadhar.

Video Tutorial – Update Aadhar Card Details

How to Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?

For registering the Mobile Number in Aadhar Card for the first time you need to visit the Aadhar office, which will be available in your locality. There is no option to register Mobile Number In Aadhar online.

You can’t add Mobile Number to Aadhar online.

Many people are claiming that you can add mobile number online. But we checked with the authorities and ensure that we can’t able to add mobile number online.

I will tell you the step to register mobile number easily and you can follow the steps to add mobile number easily.

  • First, you need to visit the Aadhar Office or any other Government offices providing service (Akshaya Centre)
  • Ask them to register the mobile number with Aadhar card.
  • You must take the Aadhar card with you as they need Aadhar number to register the mobile number.

Again I am saying that you must visit them and only the officials can add the mobile number to your account. You can also edit the details through the Aadhar office.

How to update mobile number on Aadhar Card?

According to the recent changes, you have to visit the Aadhar kendra to change the mobile number. If you already linked mobile number with your Aadhar card, then you can update personal details.

  • Visit the Aadhar Kendra
  • Ask the officials to change/update the mobile number.
  • After updating, you will get a URN number to keep track of your request.

Now using the URN number, you can track the status. If you want to know how to find URN status, just check out the link.

How to Update Address in Aadhar Card via post?

For updating the Address, you need not go to the Aadhar office. You can do it yourself easily and can get the updated mobile number. For updating the Address follow the steps carefully.

  • First, download the ” AADHAAR DATA UPDATE/CORRECTION FORM” from the Aadhar official website – Click Here to Download
  • Once Downloaded, you must take a print out of the form.
  • The form is given below. You can see various options.

How to Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

Steps to update the Address Through Post:

STEP 1: In the Field for Update/Correction – Tick “Mobile

STEP 2: Enter your Aadhar Number in the next field.

STEP 3: Fill the details like Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, etc as mentioned.

STEP 4: Enter the Mobile Number in the space provided. (You can also add email address also).

STEP 5: You need to attach the photocopy of any of the documents mentioned in the form.

STEP 6: Sign the form and send it to the below address.

  • UIDAI Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India
  • UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

This is the working method to update the Aadhar card details. You can also update the details by visiting the Aadhar office in your locality.

Steps to Update Address Online:

You can update the Address online if you already registered the mobile number once during registration. It takes less than a minute to make changes to the Address.

How to Update Personal Details in Aadhar Card

STEP 1: Visit UIDAI Aadhar Self-Service portal – Click Here

STEP 2: A page with title “Aadhar Self Service Update Portal” will open.

STEP 3: Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number.

STEP 4: Now enter the Text Verification number (already shown on page – also known as Captcha).

STEP 5: Then click on Send OTP.

STEP 6: On the next page, enter the OTP that was sent to your existing mobile number.

STEP 7: After that, a new page asking for Details to be Updated will appear.

STEP 8: Update all the required details and click Submit and Update

STEP 9: Verify and Proceed and Note down the URN you will see or take a print out.

The URN number will be useful to check the status of the request. Check out the method to find the status of the URN number.

Incorrect URN Number Aadhar : How to Check Aadhar URN Status?

How to Update Personal Details in Aadhar Card?

You can update the personal details just like updating the mobile number. Just fill out the form with correct details and send to the address mentioned along with valid documents.

  • Download the form (same form as mentioned above)
  • Fill the details to be updated.
  • Sign the form and send it to the address.

The details will be automatically updated. Also, you can update the details after adding the Mobile number. Just visit the Aadhar website and login with your mobile number. You can see the option to edit your personal details and associated details.

Remember you must have a working mobile number associated with Aadhar as they send an OTP  to verify the mobile number. Please follow the above steps to registering the mobile number. You can easily update your details without any problems.

I am going to wind up the post related to Aadhar card. As you know we started this website to help people to do things without any help of others. We will post useful tutorials in the next days and you can share the working method with your friends. Have a nice day.

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