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How To Download Hotstar Videos In PC & Android?

Download Hotstar Videos
Written by Rony Shaji

Hotstar is the digital entertainment platform owned by Star network which you can use to stream sports matches, TV series. After a lot of requests, I am here to write about Download Hotstar Videos In PC & Android easily. Everyone loves to watch TV series online as it is difficult to download and Hotstar is one of the methods to watch TV series online.

It also provides free online streaming of sports matches which helps to watch on the go. If you miss any of your favorite shows, you can watch them in Hotstar at any time. Obviously, Hotstar has free as well as premium membership. If you need to download Hotstar videos In PC & Android, you can check the methods which work well for any video.

In this tutorial, I will focus on the following points:-

  • Download Hotstar Videos In Android[Official]
  • Download Hotstar Videos In PC

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How To Download Hotstar Videos?

So Hotstar officially provides the option to download videos from their Android app. The main advantage of using Hotstar is that you can watch your favorite TV shows at any time and also they provide free streaming of sports matches. With the introduction of #JIO data become very cheap and you can easily stream TV shows without paying much.

We can’t able to download premium videos from Hotstar using official method. Also, we can download Hotstar videos only from their Android app and there is no option available to download videos in PC Officially. But who goes through the official method?

How To Download Hotstar Videos In Android? 

You can easily download Hotstar videos in Android using the official app. Hotstar provides the option to download selected videos to your mobile. Though there are methods available to download premium Hotstar videos online without paying anything. You can use the method to download premium Hotstar videos in the Android method.

Method 1 – Download Premium Hotstar Videos In Android

Remember you can’t download every video with using this method as they allow you to download only selected videos.

How To Download Hotstar Videos In PC? 

Unfortunately, there is no official method to download Hotstar videos in PC. You can only stream videos online from your computer. But there is always a solution to any problem. In spite they don’t provide any official method, we are going with other methods to download videos in PC. So let’s see the methods to download the video in PC.

Method 1 – Download Hotstar Videos in PC

If you have any other working methods, you can share with others so that they can utilize the method. You can buy the premium plan of Hotstar as it helps you to watch the series and sports matches without any problem.

Conclusion: Download Hotstar Videos

Hope the methods mentioned works for you. I will update the tutorial with working methods in the coming days. If you have any doubts you can interact with me in the comment box. To Download Hotstar Videos in PC & Android, you have to follow the methods mentioned. Hotstar provides unlimited entertainment to you as they have tons of programs in various regional languages. Now Hotstar provides discount for purchasinng premium account and you can utilize the offer and watch unlimited videos with any restriction.  

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