Best 5 Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2018

List Of Malayalam Movie Websites
Written by Rony Shaji

EDIT: There are many websites now providing HD Malayalam movies download and it’s better not to download or use any CAM prints of new movies as you may fall into legal troubles. You can also suggest the best site which you think to download the movies in the comment section.

Let us start with a fresh topic about movies. Everyone loves movies as they provide entertainment and way to enjoy with our friends and family. Here I am with “Best 5 Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017” which you can use to download/watch movies. 

First of all, this tutorial is only for educational purposes only and I strictly insist you to watch new movies in theaters only. Then why I came up with this topic?

Recently when I was working I came to hear about a nice movie which was released in the 90s. My friend told me about the movie and I like it very much. I want to watch the movie and started searching all over the internet. But no hope for me as I end up in some shitty sites with full of ads.

After days of searching with terms such as “How to Download latest Malayalam Movies 2017 Online” or “Where to download Malayalam movies 2017” finally I got the movie. Then I thought about posting an article which will help you to download/stream movies and here we go.

So in this article, I will cover the following topics:-

  • List of Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017
  • List of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017
  • How to Download Malayalam Movies 2017

Sometimes we miss some of the best movies in theatres and the only way to watch those movies is by streaming online or downloading it. Hope you will enjoy the article. Let’s run 🙂

List Of Malayalam Movie Download Websites 2017

If you search through Google like “Download Malayalam Movies 2017” you may be landed in a garbage of waste sites with full of advertisements and surveys. For downloading a movie you need to wait for hours to search for genuine websites. To make things easy, I will share some of the best Malayalam Movie Download Websites, which you can use to download movies. 

I will share the list of websites. But you have to know one thing. It is illegal to download pirated copies of movies from the internet as you may land in trouble. I am not responsible for any such actions.


Everyone knows about Youtube as it is the largest video library available on the internet. You can watch latest Malayalam Movies 2017 on Youtube for free. Youtube has almost every movie and you can easily watch Malayalam Movies Online without any problems. It is easy to find Malayalam movies through Youtube by searching them.

Torrent Malayalam Movie Sites


Torrentz2.eu is the successor or clone of torrentz.eu, the famous torrent search engine which is no longer available. You can use the clone to search for the list of Malayalam Movies 2017. This method will give you only the torrent links and you need a torrent client to download it. I hope you all had it 🙂 

Malayalam Movie Sites

3. Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is another website which provides new Malayalam movies online. They provide the direct link as well as torrent links of movies. They also had the camera prints of new movies, which is better to avoid. Apart from pirated copies they had a huge collection of old movies which is very easy to find and download. It is highly illegal to download new movies as you may face legal problems. Instead, you can download old movies from the site.

List of Malayalam Movie Sites


Zippymoviez is one of the websites which provide new Malayalam movies to download and watch online. But it has also pirated camera prints of new movies, which may cause legal problems. it is daily updating and you can download the DVD RIPs of new movies from it. They also provide direct downloading links and torrent links which helps to download or watch Malayalam movies online.

Malayalam Movie Websites

You can use these websites to download the Malayalam movies. Some of these websites provide direct downloading link as well as torrent links. You need a torrent client to download Malayalam movies from torrent. I hope you have it 🙂

List Of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017

Many streaming websites are coming day by day and streaming reduces the time to download. Now you can get the list of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites 2017 from our blog. Majority of people now prefers to stream the videos and music online as you don’t need to wait for download as well as you can save the memory of your device.

List of Malayalam Movie Streaming Websites:

Here is the list of websites from which you can download or stream Malayalam movies online. Many websites are born every day and you can make use of the genuine websites to watch the movies.






With the increased use of mobile phones, everyone prefers to watch and download Malayalam movies on mobile. The above websites are mobile optimised and you can easily download movies right from your mobile.

List of Torrent Websites To Download Malayalam Movies 2017

Some of you love torrent and you need to download Malayalam movies from torrent. I will give you some of the working torrent websites to download Malayalam website. The government blocked main torrent websites in India and still, you can some of the clones or new torrent websites to download movies.






The Torrent websites will come and go day by day. I will update the list regularly so that you can download Malayalam movies online for free. Many websites are available to download and watch movies. Some of them are your favorites and you can share your favorite websites in the comment section.

Conclusion: List Of Malayalam Movie Download Websites

Hope you get the list of right websites to download movies. Again I am telling you that it is illegal to download prints of new movies as you may land in trouble. You can download old movies from these websites and enjoy watching with your friends. You can also share your personal favorite websites with us so that we can also make use of it. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Apart from Malayalam movies, these list of websites also provides other language movies also. You can search List of Hindi Movie Download Websites 2017 to get more information. I will be back with another one and let’s end this.

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