How to Activate Dark Mode On YouTube?

how to activate dark mode on youtube
Written by Rony Shaji

Activate Dark mode On YouTube: Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing websites available online. As you know Youtube is owned by the search engine giant Google and they are updating the video sharing website with new feature day by day. In this small tutorial, I am going to explain about “How to Activate Dark mode On YouTube” or in other words “Night Mode” in Youtube.

Many of you may aware of this exciting feature by Youtube and I will tell you the exact method to get the night mode in youtube. Just follow the simple basic steps to enjoy the dark mode. Before going into the post, let me explain something about Youtube and the usages of the wonderful video sharing website.

All of you know the potential of Youtube, as it provides the way to earn money online by sharing the contents. Many people are earning huge bucks from Youtube by creating new contents daily. I also have a youtube channel and I thinking to post a new tutorial on making money with Youtube easily without much work.

We are directly going to the post and I think you must check out our latest posts which may be useful for you. If you need any new tutorials, just contact me and i will post as soon as possible.

What is Youtube?

You are probably thinking about what is wrong with me as even a newborn child knows about Youtube in present days. For the flow of the post, I am going to give a short description on Youtube and then we will go to the detailed tutorial about “Activate Dark mode On YouTube”.

Youtube is a video sharing website owned by Google. It allows us to upload our own creations and getting paid for it. 90% of people know about the uses and possibility of Youtube.

It is a very useful service as many tutorials are uploaded every day and it helps to update our knowledge. If you are looking for any topic in search engines, you will get the video results.

You can Activate Dark mode On YouTube within minutes to try sometime unique. It is very beautiful to watch the youtube in night mode as it is an exciting experience. Many people even shared the videos of getting the dark mode. I am also attaching a good video tutorial to help you to get the dark mode easily.

How to Activate Dark mode On YouTube?

In this section, I will explain each and every step in detail. You can make use of the screenshots to get an idea about the steps. You can make the Youtube in dark mode within seconds. If you have got the dark mode in youtube, please comment your views on our website.

For Activate Dark mode On YouTube, you need the Chrome Browser installed on your computer. For getting the night mode, there are some requirements that need to understand.


  • Night mode works only on Chrome browser.
  • Chrome browser version should be 57 or more.

Follow the steps mentioned and get the dark mode in your youtube.

STEP 1: Visit Youtube.com in your computer/PC.

how to activate night mode on youtube

STEP 2: Now right click on youtube page and click on “Inspect” or go to More Tools >> Developer Tools

activate night mode on youtube

STEP 3: Select the “Console” tab as shown in the image.

STEP 4: Paste document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” on console and hit Enter.

activate dark mode on youtube easily

STEP 5: Close the console box on the right side and refresh the youtube page.

STEP 6: Click on the Profile icon on the top right of the youtube and in the drop down menu, you can see the option “Dark Theme“.

method to activate dark mode on youtube

STEP 7: Select the Dark Mode and check the toggle button to turn on the night mode.

activate dark mode on youtube

Now you can see that the Youtube turns into night mode from day mode and the background changes to the dark color. This is the simple way to Activate Dark mode On YouTube without much work.

You can also get back to the original day mode by turning off the dark mode from the drop down menu. It is very easy to use and you can make your friends excite with this useful trick. It works only on chrome browser and the browser version must be older than 57 or more.

There are many useful youtube tricks and techniques are available and we will update the post with more working tutorials. It is a small method to make the youtube background darker. You must try this method as it takes less than a minute and test it yourself.

If you have any doubts regarding the tutorial, just ask in the comment box and i will reply you as soon as possible. Also please take some time to check our previous posts in the post, which will be helpful to get an idea about our blog.

Last Words

 Here I am going to wind up another cool post about “Activate Dark mode On YouTube” and hope you enjoyed the tutorial. This is a simple technique that you can test to get the exciting result. I am looking for cooler youtube tricks and will update the post with more useful techniques. Also, i am planning to write an excellent guide on making money on youtube and stay tuned for more from my side. It’s the time to say goodbye and have a nice day!

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